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  1. MrnateGeek

    Tokens Request

    I was in the auto mining area and I was thinking how I going to get tokens. Then I remembered I brought something on this server, I don't know I got the invoice I looking at is for the tokens. But the invoice is 436781542, if the shop system using The purchase details is "32.79 USD, invoice 436781542; for help go to" on Apr 20, 2019 at 10:36 PM (Central Time)
  2. MrnateGeek

    Account Locked

    Well, I was looking thru the topics here and I seen there is a /premium. But when I logged into the server and ran the /premium command as I have premium as shown here ( ). I thinking it would fix the name issue like it would rename the account to the premium one. But I was wrong, it just locked the account. Screenshots 2020-01-28_132918_Cracked.png using MRNATEGEEK 2020-01-28_133001_MineCraft.Net.png using MrnateGeek
  3. MrnateGeek

    Warps in Prison

    So me not able to send messages is because the accounts are not linked? I don't know about that. Even on discord and it shows I not muted, the message box ( <input type="text" name="msg" /> ) does not have the disabled attr which means I able to send messages to the discord server but because I was muted before I left the server. Its something I don't want to risk a chance of getting banned about. There was a reset the first time I was here and I was being annoying so they muted me. On the MC Server, I find this new. I was not muted when I left so how can the Java Source code on their server malfunction?
  4. MrnateGeek


    Where do I get automining, I seen it at spawn?
  5. MrnateGeek

    Warps in Prison

    Reason behind the rejoin is this So no mute evasion involved
  6. MrnateGeek

    Warps in Prison

    I was muted but I rejoined because family issues that I don't want to expose
  7. MrnateGeek

    Warps in Prison

    Mrnate Geek#4927
  8. MrnateGeek

    Warps in Prison

    I did the /ticket multiple times, I get no response. About what bug, I tried to send a message to main chat, it does not echo anything. Even when I tried to run /help, it said it was disabled. I had to send PMs to people on discord that were active on the server because I currently muted on discord and it won't let me send messages to main chat on the server. It does not say I muted or anything
  9. MrnateGeek

    Warps in Prison

    Do you notice a bug while sending a chat message?
  10. MrnateGeek

    Warps in Prison

    What are the list of warps in Prison? I noticed /help is disabled and when I tried to talk, nothing appears anywhere. And I muted on discord
  11. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: MRNATEGEEK What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Just mining to 100T money to get 200k tokens. As I was mining, I noticed the players were hidden so I typed /showplayers. Which shown the players but it hides in 2-5 seconds. I spammed it as well thinking it will increase the time but it still remains. I like for the player list to be visible permly