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    Boss eggs - can earn from /mining or /buy the Rewards u get from killing it depends on the difficulty of the boss. Remove plots - just make it cell mine :v Nerf Pickaxes - Remove the pickaxes off of the store till its finished. New Host for the server - NA Host and a UK Host please. More kits - idkskully can figure that out
  2. NotRevZ

    My Suggestions

    someone is smarter than me ;o ;-;
  3. NotRevZ

    My Suggestions

    -+=Prison=+- More Ingame ranks. More Quests. More Enchants. New Crates. New /mining rewards. A lucky block System so when your mining it will randomly appear and when you hit it, it will go to /rewards. New Token System. New host for the server. More kits. Ranks Diamond + Have mine reset. New hub (prison hub). More warps such as warp casino. Nerfed picks still op so like starter pick is Eff 25 fortune 10 and Elytra is Eff 120 Fortune 45. /warp pvp turn into a warzone not a small arena. in /warp pvp envoys every 30 min. Boss Eggs. New Ecomany. DP Every week. Buff ./kit keys Nerf Excavation to 3x3 - 4x4 ./warp pvpmine a mine where pvp is enabled and the sell value is = to void rank Remove Plots Add /cell create [cellname] I hope a staff reads this i spent alot of time on this - arik/NotRevZ <3