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1)Some sort of prestige rework. Prestiging after a certain point is not worth it at all, it gets super expensive and the benefits are close to none.

2)A new enchant that would temporarily increase your multiplier the longer you mine. For example at max level this enchant could give +0.2 temporary multiplier every 5-10minutes capped at like 1-1.2 so its not op. The multiplier would then stop if the player stops mining for more than 30 seconds.

3)Bring back a pvp event like /envoy.

4)A good reward from /envoy could be some minutes of access in a new mine that would be like 30 plots large and have a block sell price better than Netherite. The player would get kicked after their time on the mine has expired.

5)QOL stuff like hiding luckymining and minecrate notifications since they tend to flood the chat a lot. Also that annoying bug with multi stacking on top of the screen should get fixed.

6)CE for the players that want to PVP.

7)Unsure about this one but maybe a new nuke enchant. Super expensive, a bit better than liner. At max level it would proc every 2-4 minutes making a giant sphere around the mine. Would be purchasable after like prestige 70 or 100.

8)New enchants like proliferate but for token and xp multipliers.

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Posted (edited)

The nuke enchant would be not cheesable if it was on pp not prestige.

I think it would be more fun it it just makes a huge  sphered explosion style mine costs a ton of tokens like minimum 50m to max so that endgame players wouldn't be bored

Also I think it would be better if it procs randomly like a 1/7500 blocks mined since it will be an overall busted fun enchant.

Maybe for the level up we could start by making for the early levels a small explosion then the further you go the bigger it is to a point where it will be like 2.5 plots in diameter. Would be very fun and if we somehow find a way to bllance it it could maybe create a shift in the meta 😛

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As mentioned above the idea does seem plausible and could be implemented but as mentioned by Reecearony1245,

The 2nd and 7th enchant laser is something which is not used much as far I have noticed in most players cause the most enchant used here is liner than laser but now as we can see liner gives a much better amount of summary than that of laser.

It would also be appreciated if they added more space than that of 1/7500 blocks it will be then be used most commonly by the players which could prove to be an efficient and effective for the players.

A PVP even would seem appreciated and if there were rewards in it which makes the players keen and interested in the event.

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