[UltraNetwork] Changing How Connection Works


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What platform is this suggestion for?: UltraNetwork


         We appreciate the fact that Mr.Skully and Mr.DeadMaster101 added a bot that needs you to verify your ip whenever your connection feels unsecure, which increased the security on the server. But every masterpiece has a problem in it, since nothing is perfect. 

         So basically, the bot needs to change of how it works. When a new player joins the server, he should have that bot asking him to verify as himself as a human (we know that it is ironic, but this is how security works on the internet). And when someone has over 48 hours worth of playtime, he should get the verification appeal less often, since that person is now officially an active member.

         But in every thing exists a bug. The bug of that feature is the fact that when u actually verify, 80% of the time the bot still asks you to verify, even after waiting a few minutes. (It happens to me every time they tell me to verify)

          So please dear Moderators, we are looking forward for you working to fixing those kind of annoying bugs.

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