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Hi i am iKeera, i have been playing on this server for like 3 or 4 years, and i enjoy playing with the community.

i have some suggestions that came to my mind, and i would like to share it here.


   1- the amount of money paper we get its filling the /claim and it has a value of Billions, and take a lot of time claiming  and redeeming them, so i suggest to low the chance of getting them and increase the value to +1T at least.

   2- add sweeping edge to the sword (not important).

   3- i know the chance of getting an enchantment book (not vanilla enchant) is very low but its impossible ( i soloed to the wave 8 and i got no enchantment book) so i suggest to increase the chance by a little.



   1- after adding the  luckyblock enchantment we get tons of rewards ans the command claim is getting messy, we are having lots of pages and it take so much time claiming them, so i suggest to make a menu for each prize.

   2- add /claim delete or /claim remove , to remove the the items in /claim.


   1- i get confuse all the time by the automine time and the token multiplier item, i suggest to change the item for one of them


thats all :)

Your Loyal Player : iKeera ❤️ 

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oh yes i forget i had that idea for a while, as the server being not p2w, i suggest to add a new rank called ( Copper ) for the new ore and it can only be claimed if u mine an amount of blocks like 10M or 15M, and it can be between the iron and the gold.

becuz there are a lot of players who spend all of their time on the server but can't afford a rank, so ig its a good idea to add a new rank u cant buy it.

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