[Prison Server] Season reset Event


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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


Season reset event.

When Prison resets, there should be a event.

The event could be dead master vs skully.

So all players will be teleported to a custom made arena where they can spectate the fight.

Dead master and skully will fight.

           Dead will win first round, Skully will win 2nd round and at last round suddenly dead and skully will get teleported to somewhere. Suddenly everyone will get blindness. Test will appear in saying, server hacked ( you can do this with command blocks, plugins) then herobrine or a hacker will come. Herobrine will say in chat that he has banned both owners and now took over server. Then in chat it will say deoped Dead_Master and Skully. Herobrine will destroy every single block of the prison with tnt. He will keep teleporting us to the place he gonna destroy. Then dead and skully will join the server from console. In chat it will show cannot deop Herobrine. Then herobrine will challange both dead and skully to 2v1. He will give a challange that if they win he will just leave the server and if herobrine wins he will just take over the server. So there will be a fight. Dead master and skully will defeat herobrine. Herobrine will say noooo and then he will explode destroying everthing in prison. And we will be in void ( not dying in a barrier cage ). Then text will appear in screen saying welcome to Ultra network prison season 8!  And everyone will be kicked from the server untill the reset is complete. 

This will be a beginnnig to new era. So you will need to change everything in prison, build new spawns and everything, And the concept of prison could be changed. Ultra network could have its own concept :).


hope you like the suggestion. If you want I can elaborate it more :) 

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