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So Idk if this allowed but Idc :P (dont ban me)

So I'm gonna create the game that called '1 word' pretty simple right?this game are commonly play most of the forums so I want to create on for UltraNetwork. If u new to this game let me explain it briefly:

1) basically u can only make 1 post with one word that will connect the previous word untill it's become  complete sentence.For example:

A: I

B: Love

Y: Dead master.

starting new sentence

V: Imskully

G: are

A: cutie

And it's keep going till server ded

Here the rules:

1) No NSFW words.    

2) No criticism, Racism and others..

3) Don't post twice in a row like;

A: I 

A: Want

A: You

4)Enjoy the game or imma kick ur *** outta here 😆





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