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What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server


To make skyblock more interesting and more competitive My suggestion would be; Custom items with custom effects,  Dungeons, Ender dragon, Bosses, Custom Achievements.

Brief Explanation on Custom items:- Custom swords, Armor and many more. Custom swords would be special swords that would have its own special attributes and effects. For example   

  • The sword of teleportation god ( Allows you to teleport 5 blocks in exchange of 30 xp )
  • The sword of The thunder god ( Gives you speed and intellect increase [Intellect is needed to bind higher tier Armor and swords]
  • Armor of the Ender dragon ( Gives you absorption and saturation. makes you take 50% less damage from Ender mans and Ender Keepers, Gives you additional 10% damage boost and health boost when in the END)
    The Sword of Wolf claw ( Does 30% more damage to wolf. 5% increase on luck while holding it. ( Higher luck = more the chance to get rare artifacts. )
  • And Many more.

Brief Explanation on Ender dragon:- Ender dragon would be a legendary boss. to summon it you must go to the end and place 8 ender dragon fragments on a end portal which would of course be rare and hard to get ( you would have to grind a lot of endermans to get 1 as ender fragment would be a rare drop from ender mans with a percentage of 1%. Endermans would have individual tiers. Tier 5 would be the strongest enderman with the highest chance of dropping the fragment but would be hard to find one and kill. Endermans would naturally spawn on the END) . There would be different tier Ender dragon. (King, Demon, Godly etc.)  Compared to Vanilla Ender dragons would have more health depending on tiers.

Brief Explanation of Bosses:- Ender dragon would be one of the bosses. Add a boss for each type of mob  except passive mobs. Each mob boss would spawn naturaly on a seperate island for each mob near spawn. each boss would have special abilities and would have a higher chance of dropping a rare artifact, ce, health kit boosters etc. compared to a normal mob. 

Brief Explanation of Custom achievements:- Custom achievements like Achievement for killing the first boss, Achievement to get a rare item such as The sword of The thunder God etc. and Easter eggs ( rare achievements with no guides to find.)

Brief Explanation on Dungeons:- Dungeons would be a place where you go and kill mobs, Bosses and find rare loots.  Dungeons would need Keys Known As The Dungeon gate keys. At spawn there could be a Dungeon Keeper when you could use the key to open the dungeon. Dungeons would require multiple players as it would be extremely difficult to complete. You would need high tier Armor and swords to defeat it completely. Dungeons Keys could be sold on Buy craft for 4.99$ each which would be a reasonable price for the extremely rare drops you could get. items such as   God of thunder sword, The ender keeper sword, ender armor etc. ( buffed items with custom values and custom effects) Also a new item known as +1 Ce slot ( a Legendary drop, Extremely rare item) . The +1 ce slot would allow you to add an additional ce to your sword, armor etc. This would be one of the most rare drops. 

Suggestions can be endless but these are my basic suggestions. I hope everyone approves of these suggestions. I personally think these suggestions would change skyblock completely adding a new meaning to play and even make player more active compared to the current active community. I personally don't appreciate afk-ing too much So adding more things rare artifacts, items, boosters would make it more competitive which would make players be more active rather than afk-ing all day.

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I like the Idea about the dungeon. But the things that I'm scare of is it's will change the meaning of 'skyblock' forever in shot words, if dungeon is added there no more skyblock.. because dungeon and skyblock is like 2 component that clashing each other from my perspective and I know there have some server that make Dungeon w/ Skyblock and it's pretty kewl but they use 100% custom plugin and it's cost a lot of $$$ and times to make it really functional. But honestly I really like your Idea. thank you. 👌

Edit: Just want to say sorry for bad grammars lol

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