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We are making a change to our store purchase policy, specifically when it comes to purchases of items from our store that are restored later on in the event of a server reset. To further match the new seasonal approach we're taking to server resets, all purchases that are made on the store that are not of a specific type will no longer be restored after a reset, wipe, and/or asset clearance occurs at any given time. The items specified and outlined in the Seasonal Specific Packages section below will now be changed to a season-specific purchase,rather than being restored throughout every reset that occurs from the date of the respective purchase.

This change comes after overviewing the flow of the in-game economy on game servers and how players perform in obtaining assets and general progression throughout the game modes. It was found that players who had previous purchases from the previous resets (now referred as 'seasons') had a significant advantage over regular players due to their previous purchase histories. By introducing this change, we hope to provide more balance into the server and ensure more stability in the economy as players will have to rely on obtaining assets through the game more so than their purchases.


Permanent Packages

  • Ranks & Rank Upgrades
    All ranks and rank upgrades purchased are permanent purchases and will automatically be restored to players across seasons. Upon joining the server for the first time in a new season, your rank is issued to you automatically. This is based on what your highest purchased rank was in the last season which is transferred over.
  • Bundles
    All perks, tags, sell buffs/multipliers and Plot Mines are permanent and will carry across seasons.*
  • Commands
    All commands purchased on the store are permanent and will carry across seasons.
  • Plots & Plot Mines
    All additional plots, Plot Mines, Plot Mine Slots and the Custom Plot Mine Block packages are permanent and will carry across seasons.


Seasonable Specific Packages

  • Rank Vouchers
    Any rank voucher that is purchased on the store that is not redeemed by a player before a reset occurs will not be restored in the next season.
  • Items
    This can be further defined as Keys, Key Packs, Tokens, Pickaxes, Sell Wands, Vote Party Packages that are available on the store.
  • *Bundles
    Any vouchers or keys obtained through a Bundle are not restored across seasons. If the voucher has been redeemed before the reset occurs then it will be restored in the next season, however if the voucher is not redeemed then the voucher item itself will not be restored in the next season.


With the changes above, we hope to balance out the server economy even further and make seasons more enjoyable. More importantly, this will allow seasons to last longer as a result of less assets flowing through the server, players won't be able to reach a more prestigious position quickly.

This policy update is enforced and justified by our current store terms and conditions which allow the adjustment of the T&C's at any given time by a member of the UltraNetwork Management Team. This policy update will not be placed into effect immediately in order to allow a grace period for past, current and future purchases.


The following changes to our store policy will begin rolling out and take effect in 60 days from now (25/03/20 at 00:00 GMT), this means that if a reset does occur before this period, then that season will not be affected and items will still be restored from previous resets.

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