[Prison Server] Bug Report


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In-Game Name: Bellaxo

What is the bug related to?: Prison Server


Briefly explain the bug/issue:

I stored my pickaxe in my /pv 3 so i can go in /lc to build stuff. Suddenly when i disabled my /lc and going to /pv 3 to get my pickaxe out, Something popped out on my screen saying Selected and my chatcolor got changed and my pickaxe was gone in the pv. Please do so check on it and hoping i could get my pickaxe back my Discord Tag Lily#7886 Thank you so much!

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1 minute ago, DeadMaster said:

What version were you on:
Did you open the chatcolour gui (/chatcolour):

I'm on 1.12.2

Yes, I did open it but it didn't pop up when i click on my pick and the chatcolor did get selected and i lose the pickaxe.

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