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Suggestion For Better Prison

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Hi! I have a suggestion for you for make the better op prison in minecraft:

-Add boss area (like wither or ender dragon)

-Add mob farm and custom armor (like hypixel skyblock) for give you coins or stuff (pickaxe, specific item for craft armor,...) 

-With armor, add effect like:
(its example) 
Ultra Miner Armor:  break 3 floors all 2 mins

Speed Armor: Pay 1T for add +5 speed max 250 speed

Dino Armor: sneak for  deal 150% more damage on any passif mobs in 50 blocks 

Ender Gard Armor: sneak for deal 100% damage on the enderman you aim and 50% damage to all enderman at 50 blocks of him

-add effect Weapons: 
Sword of Apocalyptic: Deal  150 damage on zombie +250 strength

Wand of magician: deal 150 damage arround you and launch a fireball 


And add random epic or legendary block in mine for give you keys or item for craft custom sword / bows / armor / pickaxe

Thanks for read :D

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