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The All New ChestHoppers

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Since hoppers are now somewhat limited in the islands, and we still need hoppers to work, why not make a new way of collecting items?

Introducing The ChestHoppers (You can call it whatever you want but I like that name)

It basically is a crop hopper, but better🙂

It can be able to collect all droppable items, so that:

a) islands would be less laggy

b) it is faster for, say, collect iron ingots that just roaming around the island and collecting them, or make a hopper system for them

The chests would work as follows:

- The chest would be a normal one, which can be upgraded in 4 forms: auto sell, condense, ignore, collect

- If auto sell is picked, the purchaser of the upgrade would automatically gain money, as related with the shop prices, of the item he is collecting, e.g. iron ingots (the same as sell wands)

- If condense is picked, the chest collects the condensable item, gold ingots for example, and turn them into gold blocks (the same as condense wands)

- If collect is picked, the chest just collects the item(s) and place them in it

- If ignore is picked, the item would just fall on the ground, or in the void.

I hope this would be added in the next update, it would make our lives easier🙂


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This sounds good, but did not the server owners removed auto sell chests because of lag? 

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If the plugin itself is open-sourced then I’m willing to bet that the autosell feature would be deleted instantly. Anyway, the feature itself is quite interesting, however is there going to be a limit on these hoppers? If not, then there would be a lot of lag on the server. Also, most of the added features would most likely be removed because they conflict with existing tools such as Autosell and Condense wands. If the hoppers would go into effect, the value of sell / condense wands would be drastically reduced, if not removed.

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