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  1. Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Terra and I've seen you around. Hope you won't mind saying hi when I'm around I'd really like to see some of your memes sometime, and you can always ask me for a visit to your skyblock island when I'm on. I hope you have enjoyed your experience on the server so far!
  2. I must say, lamps interest me too
  3. Third time's the charm Find me on Terra#0862 I have gained new nicknames such as terra puns, rice, tarre, treea I love everyone here except pancakes. (jk i love u pancakes) You may spam me on discord for all your problems - just speak english If I'm offline, that means I'm doing homework. If I'm online, that means I'm also doing homework. If I'm in between that means I'm looking at memes (moth ones especially shh) I can help out with any situation (unless its money) I can help out with life and death situations If you need motivational quote just ask me (btw i reintroduce since i got my old acct back)