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  1. Prison Server Enchant Suggestions Prosperity: Increases drops from luckyblocks. Each level adds more tokens and chance of keys from luckyblocks. LuckyMoney: Chance to find random money bonuses while mining. Each level increases amount you find. LuckyLeveling: Chance to increase your fortune by 1 level. LuckyTokens: Get 1 token per 50 blocks mined. Each level increases amount by 1. Will reply with more as I think of them.
  2. Markulez

    Quick Teleport

    Hey guys, I just started playing on prisons 30 mins ago. I'm already a fan of the server and the setup. However, I think that because of the ever changing mine names that its very difficult to type them out every time I want to travel to my respected mine. So my suggestion is a quick travel to your current mine with /mine. It would save a lot of people the hassle and would make it more enjoyable in my opinion. Thanks for your time