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  1. The ugliest guy in the server. - Whosmader
  2. It is very difficult to talk about myself, but I will try the basic information to make it clearer who I am. So my name is Ivo but as i live in UK somehow people gave me the name Lewis, now I am 18, I was in Year 12, but after a while was kicked out. I live in England. I really like sports , although I have taken quite a bit of break due to injuries. The first sport I did was basketball, I practiced basketball for a year until I realized that it didn't really bind me, so I decided to play football with a friend. I kicked the ball for about a year as well, at first I was zero, but with time I had a lot of advantages because of my speed, but now it turned out that I wasn't good enough to play football, even tho i played football for 6-7 Years. I participated in various tournaments and at the beginning I was quite successful with the youth. Then I switched to a league team, I hit the first shift, everything worked out well in the beginning, and in my first season I got to the points that motivated me to keep going, had a goal in the upper league, started training harder but put everything else to the side, because injuries had me killing, and so I have for some time abandoned football and other sports are also on a pause. Right now the plan is to come back from UK back to Latvia, maybe to give me some motivation. And then who knows, maybe also return to the same football, at lower level i used to play. Speaking of me, I like to have a good time with my friends, who are obviously young people. Well, I see how hard it is for me to continue, because there is nothing that can be said to interest anyone who reads this at all. I'll tell you a little bit about gaming, including how I got started and how I got here. Minecraft was 100% the first game i ever put my hands to. I remember a little me just loading into the survival map and explore it like it was something fun, and looking back to where I was now I go into server to spend 10 minutes and disappear like a fly in the sky. Even tho minecraft apparently is set for a young age group, the older you get the more you realise that this game is actually fun to enjoy. First started off playing faction servers (Survivals) There i got the chance to boost my levels and knowledge about minecraft itself, because I wasn't the smartest didn't know anything about the game ,till I started to put things together, making out pickaxes and swords and fighting monsters to survive. After those moments I realise that this game is actually fun to play and started to play it non stop. Maybe 2-3 years later, I realise that i have played this game too much and have got nothing out of it. Then i went to make a server for my own test it out and see how well would it end up being. 3 months in it ended up being the most popular server in my country, i couldn't believe my own eyes after i saw kids wasting their mothers money on my server which made me sad and i had to shut down the server. After that i started to invset money into my pc to be able to buy a new one and start playing better games. Didn't take me long, 2 months in i'm already shooting headshots in counter strike, forgetting what minecraft even is. And that's how my minecraft life has been gone Still from the day, i end up playing minecraft and enjoying myself because there's is nothing else to do nowadays. Counter strike was one of my first games that I started playing. When I was in my 10s friends were already hiking through various forums and advised me to join, I tried, the first project I joined was very unpopular and closed after about a month, then there were a couple of small projects until I got to the identy. In Identity, I see it as a place where I really started playing cs 1.6, because I used to play rarely at friends house. Here I started to find out what forum life really is and what it counter strike really is. I started spending more and more time on the server and fell in love with the game. I've never been a good player, but I've always had fun playing, even when I'm dying all the time I've always had fun, there's always people to talk to and laugh with. Then there was a time when I started getting better a bit and looking for a clan, of course, a non-shooter, but I was trying to get better. I played CW for a while, but now I have a minimal CW experience. And yes, then the crazy times started, CS: GO had already come out, but no one really played it, it took a while and everyone started playing CS: GO and less and less people came here because people were no longer interested in 1.6 ... CS: GO I started playing a little later than the others, I wasn't a terrific shooter either, but I also enjoy playing from time to time. Thanks for reading a little info about myself, Ik i'm nothing special i'm boring guyyy. but i keep my head up no matter the cost and I always leave places with people having smile on their face. a little peak of my ugly self.