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  1. Hey everyone ** SkyBlock Player and proud ** My name is Emily, but my Minecraft Username is Japanaese. I've been playing for almost a week now, but I've already been making huge progress with meeting everyone on Skyblock. I'm so happy I got to find the server that really gets me smiling every day. I've never been attached to servers easily, and this is the first server I joined when I came back from quitting Minecraft and it immediately became close to my heart and everybody in it. I'm 15 years old, and I love writing and doodling. I also love communicating with people, I'm found often at VC 1 or 2 in the Discord. I enjoy helping others, giving stuff away, and overall bonding with people. I've been on this server for less than a week, I already purchased Gold Rank and x2 Legendary Keys.. and also bought a lovely player a rank! Well, I don't know what else much to say! Ask me questions below. Please add me on Discord and hopefully meet in game and play! I'd love to meet you guys. Here's some pictures of amazing friends of mine.