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  1. It's the first link, not the third one. And it's the website's fault, not the server's. They can't do anything about that, so we just have to wait to get it fixed for us to vote on the link again.
  2. You can only receive a prestige key every three prestiges, did you know this? If you already do, don't mind me just checking
  3. If you knew me from when I was rankless, I was better. Yeah, you guys are getting ignored every now and then. It's because of your chatcolor I guess. And in addition, I don't ignore anyone - I converse with everyone. I didn't afford my rank. Everything that I got from the store was all free On that note, why are we like conversing here on the forums lol
  4. That's great, we have something in common Well, I just got boosted hard. Play more, you might get boosted as well who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am a noob, yes That's because I'm Totem lol Working on it now as we speak, I am just going to finish my tutorial at /is warp darrel
  5. Bruh. If you have seen my island on the first season of Skyblock, you'll see how noob I am at building lol. I don't even use schematica. And our island is full of ore blocks, we don't have that much scenery on our island except for Serana's warp. Why should you be envious xd I am not popular >:v I am a noob on the server. I am a nobody!!!!!!
  6. Cool island, better than mine tenfold lmao Welcome to the server bud, have a great stay too Always be watching from the sidelines here >:3
  7. Oh hi Jap! A warm welcome from the server Enjoy your stay at the server! Also if you need help with anything, I'm just here being a no-lifer on Skyblock again
  8. Welcome mate! If you need help with something, find me I'm always active to the server. My username is darrel Have a great stay!
  9. That it should. People are annoyed from explosive enchantments when getting experience and yet some players just use the pickaxe with them to get experience, but you get more experience without the explosive enchantments that's why Dead disabled it.
  10. If you can't click the links on /vote, you can go to vote.ultranetwork.me instead and click the vote links from there and vote
  11. Have you tried relogging after disabling the notifications? Someone said that after you disabled the Lucky Mining Notifications in /prefs, you need to relog. Mine doesn't show in chat when I mine.
  12. Book & Quill is removed from the server because they're bugged. Neither in Prison or Skyblock that you can get one.
  13. Hello there! Welcome to the server bud! Glad you're enjoying the server. Also, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year If you need something, I'm casually online in Skyblock or DM me on discord: Darrel#9845
  14. Put this on the Ban Appeal category then we'll talk there. In here
  15. If you aren't the leader of the island and your leader is offline and then you try to mine, it won't generate the other ores only iron and cobblestone. That's how it works here even though you bought the upgrades yourself even though you are not the leader those are just wasted money unless you make your own island or your current leader gives you the ownership of the island. Gold, diamond, emerald, etc. can only generate when the leader of the island is online.
  16. Permanent multipliers obtained in multi crates while having that rank, which in that case you're platinum it doesn't stack. You already have platinum it will not combine to perm multipliers in the multi crate or the perks from bedrock > elytra. That would be too OP. It doesn't work like that. You can only stack them by voting, buying/getting temporary multipliers, global multipliers, and the quest: 2000 blocks mined needed (only this because the other quests don't stack with other multipliers that you already have).
  17. Welcome to the server! Enjoy
  18. Well hello there! Nice to meet you Amandeep, glad that you are on aboard to the server. Enjoy!
  19. This is uh, to reduce lag..
  20. it is fine leppy, as long as the bug is fixed. yes, yihern. best part ^^ also i will lock my island too!!! no nina, we can't this is a bug that has been on for a long time when water was added to the nether.