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  1. Thanks! I hope to see you around the server!
  2. Hey everyone! First I would just like to say thanks for reading this. Now... Who am I? Well, I am glad you asked. I am Aiwendility. I know it may sound like a cheesy name or something but I like "Aiwendil" from Lord of the Rings. I enjoy reading and playing video games. I am getting into coding and learning to code JavaScript. Most of all I enjoy Minecraft. I have been a factions player, a Skyblock player, a survival player. But most of all, a prison player. I enjoy the grinder aspect of the game and the rewards you get from it. In my learning aspects around OP Prison servers, I found something that got me hooked. I found a way to get more from a server in less time, while playing my favorite type of server. It was perfect. Now time to talk about my server life. I joined the server today, Wednesday, February 21st 4:29 PM CST. As of this post I have not played much but I got a extremely nice donation from a player that will remain anonymous unless he/she decides she wants to be not anonymous. I easily ranked up to "Z" rank but then saw the website links and I decided to make this post. I really enjoy the server after what I have played of it and I will play much more. Good day, Your fellow player, Aiwendility