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So I was at /warp free I didn't know there was pvp and someone was following me and I literally have the best pickaxe it costed 100k+ tokens and he kiilled me without me knowing and i lost everything, and i had a cheque of 50t ;( I am telling the truth. I don't know who killed me but it had alot of numbers at the end. I am not lying I literally was shock when he killed me. If you decline this request it's okay because I have no backup pickaxe and now i am starting again with a iron pickaxe i got from the iron thing. This happened today at 6'o clock and I really need this pick back it could just be a pickaxe

The pick had Liner and Exca and lucky mining 23 and nightvision and speed and jump.

It's so good at mining and I'm low on tokens and gems so I can't remake it, please contact this user

I don't remember the name he killed me at the back

I am trying to calm down, but it destroyed everything ;(


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