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Refund requests will only be accepted if you supply sufficient evidence to prove you have lost the item or content you are requesting back. Please do not create a refund request if you do not have any evidence to provide with it.

We will NOT give you a refund if you have lost the item/content at your own fault.


Providing Evidence

It is extremely important to us that you provide valid evidence within your refund request to prove that the content you lost is something you once had. If you have no evidence to prove you had the items you lost, we cannot help you. This is primarily because we can't be sure if you are telling the truth regarding what you lost.

Valid evidence can be any of the following:

  • Screenshots of items/content lost.
  • Video displaying you having the items, and how you lost them if possible.
  • Statement from a moderator or above who witnessed the incident.


We will only refund items under the following conditions:

  • The item/content you are requesting to be refunded have been lost due to a server bug/glitch.
  • You have been scammed and the player who has your items has been banned/action taken against them by a staff member.
  • You lost items due to a cheater.
  • Item lost due to server restart or crash.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please get in touch with me on Discord.

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