[Prison Server] Bug Report

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In-Game Name: Meloncia

What is the bug related to?: Prison Server


Briefly explain the bug/issue:

2 days ago I was playing at dawn and suddenly a player puts in the chat that a casino was doing, so I go and the entrance to the casino was 150B, I had two banknotes in the inventory, one of 500T that I was saving for the irl trade, and another 150B for the casino, the 500T had it in slot 2 of the hotbar. and that of 150b in the inventory, so I want to put the 150b in slot 2 and put the mouse on top of the bank note of 150b and press 2 to go to that slot of the hotbar, question that when doing this, I There were two 150b banknotes left and I lost my 500t banknote, restart the entire server and I couldn't recover it ... what help can you give me?

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