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  1. It still should be legal, people play it for fun. People need to know that going to casino that they will lose money or profit some.
  2. arcseth


    Skyblock and Prison are really just a walking simulator. You grind around 1 week on Skyblock and get very good but you get really bored so you quit for a very long time. For prison is like when you prestige it is useless so you quit because you don't want to grind back to where you where. I know that a few had already talked about this, but it feels like the server is just fun for awhile then gets boring.
  3. I'm in-game called Relief but mostly ArcSeth.
  4. Not all casinos are a scam, I open up my casino and it clearly 1/3 of green and 2/3 of red. It just depends on the luck of player. They need to know that going to casinos might be scams. but obviously you can find the good ones. Casinos are all about losing.
  5. arcseth


    True the prison system is kind of stupid. We gotta mine for hours to just prestige. Give us more then 1 key is better. Besides that 1 key barely gives anything it is absolutely trash. No one prestige for money now. It just play no prestige. Prestiging in prison is useless af