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  1. Welcome to UltraNetwork, GamerRic!!
  2. This would be hard, unless we code a bot that automatically assigns certain roles to players + creates a TON of extra text channels to text in, at the same time. This would give the bot a hard time to keep up as it is probably messaging in at least 5 channels at once. However it's not a bad suggestion, but if you look at it from the discord API's side, bots probably can't even keep up with it. None the less I like the suggestion. -Jen
  3. Hello, I have a short but very strong suggestion; An anvil GUI where you'd have to type "CONFIRM" in order to claim a rank voucher. We've had multiple cases of people losing their rank vouchers and getting degraded to a lower rank than they were before. Personally, I see this fix a lot of issues. Let me know what you think about this
  4. I can relate to this problem, I see a load of new French players join the server and what really surprises me is the fact that there are almost more French players than Spanish player on the server. Having an extra chat alongside the Spanish version would definitely help resolve this issue. I'd love to see this added for less future confusion/mutes.
  5. Please make a refund request to try and get your item back, here: Also, if the player intentionally stole the item from you, you can also fill in this form: -Jen
  6. Jen

    Island Chest

    Same idea goes for gang banks in prison, you can share money in that way, it would be great to have this same concept in a chest-like inventory.
  7. Jen

    Reputation System

    This is where this comes into play:
  8. Welcome to UltraNetwork, Easypeasyfan!
  9. hi mod

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    2. Jen


      My name is "ItsBondie" in-game, if you ever need help or anything, just message me! :)

    3. darthVader


      ok thanks you mod

    4. Jen


      No problemo!

  10. Jen

    Reputation System

    This suggestion is great in my opinion, for example, you'd need a total of 12 hours playtime to vote reputation to others. In this way you can build up your reputation and become the most loved player on the server, I like the idea! Love to see it added. -Jen
  11. I've already met you in-game, you're amazing! Welcome to the UltraNetwork forums!!
  12. Hello and welcome to UltraNetwork Phinlorian!!
  13. Welcome to UltraNetwork, ArcSeth!
  14. Jen


    I know what you mean by that, but wouldn't that be too overpowered? For example, JnNb has 350 prestiges, that's a 3500% sell boost... That makes totem pmines go from 240K per block to 8.4M per block. That's way too overpowered, and it will eventually lead into people breaking 1 block to prestige over and over again