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  1. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Prison Buying, selling or trading?: Selling What I am Selling: I'm selling 2 CLEAN platinum pickaxes; Efficiency 500 Unbreaking 500 Fortune 500 Will be sold for 2.5Q each. How I would like to be contacted: Message me on discord or in-game if you're interested; ItsBondie / Bondie#9390 You can also reply to this topic.
  2. Hi Khosraw, I know what you're thinking about, I personally want to see some extra permissions we could give certain members.
  3. Hello werejonesin7! Unfortunately, the entity stack feature is only implemented for killing animals, if it were to give you 1 egg for every chicken we'd have a very laggy server. I like the suggestion, but it could be nerfed a little, like a limit to 1 stack of eggs at once. -Jen
  4. Toilets are really useful. Especially when I have to relieve myself
  5. Great! You should hopefully get the purchased goods refunded if you follow their protocol.
  6. Hello Kamal!! I think what you should do is post this thread on "Refund Requests" as you have provided enough proof to show that the trade is yours. Did you buy the keys from /donate while in prison or while in skyblock? -Jen
  7. I see what you mean here, maybe add a notification system for the owner of the plot, for example it will show the changes that the co owner has made while the owner has been offline. It could probably solve a lot of issues through that. Besides that point, what if they miss the notifications? Maybe get an auto generated Book and Quill in the owner's inventory that stated the changes of the plot while the owner was away.
  8. Hey everyone!! I would love to announce a new suggestion, Co owner on a plot. I will list some basic things a co owner could or could not do: The co owner can /deny people from the plot. The co owner can /add people to the plot (they will only be able to build when the co owner/owner is online) The co owner can /trust people. The co owner can NOT /merge plots. The co owner can NOT do /plot delete nor /plot confirm. By this, the co owner takes half of the responsibilities in their hands. This could help players with a plot mine if they're offline and they have a so called "manager" on their mines. I would love to see this suggestion take place in prison, let me know what you think. -Jen
  9. I really look forward to this plugin, however all of the item stacks currently in the /shop are vanilla limits, I doubt Dead will change that. None the less, good suggestion. -Jen
  10. A Guardian role would be nice for people who report others often, a #player-reports channel on the discord with exclusive access from Guardian roles. It would be a nice way to report people like that, for example if you're going to report someone.. It's annoying for most of the staff members to have multiple dm's with tons of reports. Possible ways to earn a Guardian role: Apply through the discord Be an active player reporter in discord/the Minecraft server Have atleast 5 reports taken care of with the /report command It would be awesome to see the new role in discord, as it's useful for players and for staff members as you don't have to tag them all the time. I hope this would be taken care of as I'm a very active reporter in the community. Since I can't always do my part (For example when staff is offline) I can simply just post the screenshot/recording in the channel and have it taken care of. What do you think of this suggestion? Leave your comments :) -Jen